2012/08 ŚWIAT ARCHITEKTURY Space for hospitalisation - Centre of Invasive Medicine in Gdańsk
S A cmi m


2012/07 ARCHITEKTURA - Murator Clinical Centre in Gdańsk
A M cmi m

2012/07 ARCHITEKTURA - Murator

2011/10 ŚWIAT ARCHITEKTURY Office centre 'Oxygen' in Szczecin
2009/06 ARCHITEKTURA I BIZNES The expansion of a clinical hospital in Białystok.
2008/12 GAZETA WYBORCZA A Gdynian practice is to design a 'giant' hospital.
2008/12 GAZETA WSPÓŁCZESNA The clinical hospital will be a luxurious place.
2008/12 KURIER PORANNY This is how the clinical hospital will look in 2013. The redevelopment begins.
2008/09 GAZETA WYBORCZA Gdynian Municipal Council Expands.
2008/09 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI A new crystal and glass building of the City Hall.
2008/07 RZECZPOSPOLITA Our Buildings in 21st century.
2008/06 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI There's help for ACK
2008/06 GAZETA WYBORCZA We are gonna see a 21st century hospital growing.
2008/06 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI A hospital as if from an American movie.
2008/04 KOMUNIKAT SARP Presentations o/Wybrzeże: Jurata 5, Residential Building Gdynia, VECTOR, Higher School of Management Gdańsk
2008/02 GAZETA WYBORCZA The star of architecture.
2008/02 EKSPRES BYDGOSKI Bydgoszcz still hungry for good architecture - The highest rewards for the building.
2008/02 GAZETA POMORSKA Architects granted ribbons and seaweed.
2008/02 ARCHIVOLTA A glass chameleon.
2008 NOWY ADRES Album "Biurowce w Polsce" edycja 4
2007/10 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI A prize for office centre - Arch-Deco collects rewards for the project.
2007/10 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI The competition for private clinics develops. We know how the new Medical Academy Hospital in Gdańsk will look like.
2007/07 ŚWIAT ALUMINIUM We are proud of this realisation - Lotos.
2007/07 GAZETA WYBORCZA New architecture in the centre of Gdańsk.
2007/01 GAZETA WYBORCZA Lotos shines beautifully at night.
2006/12 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI A ten-storey illumination. The Lotos Group.
2006/09 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI There will be new vacancies for six thousand people.
2006/05 ARCHITEKTURA –Murator Icons of Polish Architecture
2006/04 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI The institute of Oceanography UG. Before celebrations.
2006 EKOLAN A detached house – Świętopełka/ A tenement house – Mariacka
2005/12 KURIER GDYŃSKI Going up - the Civil Engineering Minister's award of the 3rd order.
2005/11 ARCHITEKTURA –Murator An apartment complex in Jurata.
2005/10 NEWSWEEK POLSKA Let the walls reach the skies.
2005/06 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI A hotel on the glade.
2004/11 ARCHITEKTURA –Murator Vector in Gdynia - a manufacturing office building.
2004/09 GAZETA WYBORCZA From Hel to Backwater - the Green Port.
2003/11 CASABELLA Włochy Grand Prix 2000-2002 Casalgrande Padana
2003/08 GAZETA WYBORCZA Stripes, waves and patio
2003/08 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI Rankings. Arch-Deco goes up.
2003/08 GAZETA WYBORCZA Oceanografom będzie wygodniej
2003/08 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI Modern, but the old way.
2003/06 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI The awarded Architets.
2003/04 BUDOWNICTWO We impact.
2003/04 BUDOWNICTWO Hidden behind a concrete wall.
2003/04 ARCHITEKT Highter School of Management in Gdańsk.
2003/03 RZECZPOSPOLITA Silliceus hill. A manufacturing buisness in a new way.
2003/03 BUDOWNICTWO Rewards for brave visions.
2002/12 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI A prize for Arch-Deco.
2002/11 GAZETA WYBORCZA Concrete is in favour
2002/11 GAZETA WYBORCZA The library is the best. SARP competition.
2002/05 ARCHITEKTURA –Murator School of Management - the Higher School of Management Gdańsk.
2002/02 PROJEKT The printery Cezar Białystok
2002/01 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI The marine world on the Glade.
2001/10 GAZETA WYBORCZA An award for the printery
2001/07 MAGAZYN BUDOWLANY To act comprehensively - the Gdynian studio of Arch-Deco.
2001/06 GAZETA WYBORCZA To get brave in the interior. The new office of WSzZ
2001/02 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI Atrium as a decoration of the centre. Voting for the best Gdynian residential complex.
2001 CREATIVE BOOK Włochy Business Administration College Gdańsk(PL)2001
creative book


2000/12 GAZETA WYBORCZA The Christmas crib.
2000/12 ARCHITEKTURA – Murator The virtuosity of a detail - the interior of Arch-Deco studio.
2000/11 GAZETA WYBORCZA So beautiful
2000/10 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI Architecture – A prize for Arch Deco
2000/07 ARCHITEKT A general convention of SARP - awards and honours of SARP.
2000/06 GAZETA WYBORCZA The French Riviera of our own.
2000/04 GAZETA WYBORCZA The expansion of education.
2000/04 ARCHITEKTURA – Murator On the peninsula - a multi-family house in Jurata
2000/03 GAZETA WYBORCZA Bowling in militias garages
2000/02 KURIER GDYŃSKI The new face of Gdynia
1999/12 GAZETA WYBORCZA The beauty of reinforced concrete.
1999/11 KURIER The beauty in Architecture.
1999/10 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI The honours for Gdynian firms.
1999/10 GAZETA WYBORCZA The abundance of office centres.
1999/08 GAZETA WYBORCZA Which building turns out the prettiest.
1999/07 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI The building development of the Glade.
1999/05 GAZETA BANKOWA Without compromising.
1998/11 TYGODNIK TRÓJMIASTO A panicle on the Atrium.
1998/11 INŻYNIERIA I BUD. Chosen problems of the Atrium in Gdynia realisation.
1997/05 BUSINESSMAN Optimal office
1997/02 DZIENNIK BAŁTYCKI A sopot layer-cake
1996/03 BUSINESSMAN MAGAZINE A settlement by Leśna Opera
1996/03 DOM A library in the Breeze of the Interior
1995/03 BUSINESSMAN MAGAZINE The Sopot Studio Arch-Deco
1993/01 READ.ME Opening of the new headquarter for Soft-Tronik Nord in Gdańsk
1991/09 WYBRZEŻE The royal residencies.