First place in the competition for architectural and urban concept for Centrum STOS building

Arch-Deco proposition won the competition for developing architectural and urban concept for Centrum STOS building (Smart and Transdisciplinary knOwledge Services) together with technological solutions for IT Centre of Tricity Academic Computer Centre. The competition was organized by Gdańsk University of Technology. STOS CI TASK building is a high tech building. It serves as a multidisciplinary data processing center in accordance with worldwide standards. The building is equipped with the highest level of security of archiving data sets. Simultaneously the building was adapted for the needs related to scientific research, didactics and provision of network, computing and expert services of the computing cloud.

The building was especially designed to be integrated into the hill located on an axis of the historic main GUT building in an area under conservation protection. The architecture meets very complex technological and conservational requirements and with its public park it creates a space for rest and recreation.