reszka zbigniew   ZBIGNIEW RESZKA                 MICHAŁ BARYŻEWSKI  baryzewski michał


Zbigniew Reszka and Michał Baryżewski began in 1989 common architectural activity founding joint firm Arch-Deco. Reszka after co-foundation of cooperative „Architectural Works”, Baryżewski after return from Fulbright scholarship in the USA, they brought with them different experiences. This diversification of professional experiences yielded in a dynamic development of a new firm and the stronger relationship of project with seaside surroundings in most Arch-Deco realizations. This relationship deepened over the years and yielded projects more and more connected with sea and seashore. Pretext to the present publication is over 20 years of architectural experience of both partners of the Arch-Deco firm and the presentation of selected realizations in respect of architectural prizes, foreign and national publications as well as received awards in competitions.

With constant technology race the Arch-Deco office has a task to apply the most modern achievements in order to create modern architectural solutions with proper respect for location and character of projected object. The intended result is a functioning object for present-day time with determined individuality, realized to the maximum in the framework of planed budget and realization period. As one of the first enterprises on our market with this profile.

Arch-Deco began these kind of complex operations thanks to multiannual professional experience of two founders, one from USA and one from Poland. It was compliant with world tendencies, where the projecting office had a constant supervision over the quality of realized project and even from the smallest detail to the final inspections of the object. Arch-Deco’s multiannual experience is showing that such a complex services of investments gives to the customer the broadest supervision over the realized investment.

ARCH-DECO conducts projects based on latest architectural 3D programming, Revit, what allows to all major certificates. Like LEED, BREAM, and full project 3D management.



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